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Nature and Youth Sweden/Fältbiologerna is a nationwide association for all children and young people interested in nature and environmental issues. Our association is run nonprofit by children and young people. We have our own publishing house, our own magazine, our own budget and our own children's activities. Our slogan is 'out in nature and into the debate'. By the young, for the young .

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Nature & Youth's basic principles

Adolescents. What is unique about Nature & Youth is that it is young people, between 6 and 25 years old, who run the entire organization from club level up to the National Association. This means that the atmosphere remains a sea of possibilities, both influence, believe in change and knowledge. Young people have a great chance to influence, which the Nature & Youth have shown throughout their own history. We decide what activities we want to run, and we want the association to be available to all who share our interests. Therefore, activities should be cheap and travel expenses are sometimes given. There should be an open atmosphere so that everyone can feel welcome. To manage the implementation of volunteer activities advice is occasionally needed and it is always okay to ask questions.

Volunteers. It is the input of the members that builds up Nature & Youth at all levels, as well as National Board level as on local club level, working voluntary, making as much as possible of our funds to enable many activities. Overall, we strive for a flat structure where a large group of people make joint decisions. This works slightly different depending on which part of the organization you're talking about, which is explained below:


We have clubs around the country who have their own board, are free to take care of their money and run their own business - basically, they are completely self-sustaining compounds. The clubs have long been the basis of Nature & Youth and this activity is particularly important to us. They gather up local involvement and inspire to get involved with nature and environmental issues locally. To start a club at least five members are needed - and then the club gets an annual activity support. If you want to start a club or if you have any questions please contact, for example, the national office - anyone, can start a club in Nature & Youth.


In addition to club activities at the local level, members can organize beyond regional boundaries of different networks. It brings together members from all over the country who want to engage in a particular field, such as forests, oceans, climate, agriculture, international affairs and outdoor education. The networks do not work quite the same way as the clubs, but they as well make their own decisions. If you want to start a network in an area, contact the national office. There may be a broad or narrow area, such as birds - wide, or prawns - narrow!

Committees & national board

In the Nature & Youth one can, a part from the club or volunteer network, work in many different ways. That it is voluntary suggests that it is worth spending time on. At the national level, this is done mainly in committee or in the National Board. A committee is a group of members who focus on a special issue of the association, such as finance, office, publishing house, magazine, IT or large nationwide activities. They are also designed to facilitate the national board's work, which has the greatest responsibility for the association during the year. The board meets about 10 times a year and discuss issues that come both from inside and outside the association. Much of the board's work is about the national annual meeting, to prepare for the future and to follow up the last made decisions. It is important that what all members are supporting is implemented.

National annual meeting

The annual meeting is everyone's big chance to meet and discuss the future of Nature & Youth. The format usually varies from year to year, but time is spent on proposals received from both members and the Board, the association's structure, democracy, business, etc.. It usually also arranges excursions and an action at the meeting. A very good opportunity to be seen because many people come to the annual meeting. At the annual meeting there is also a lot of time to socialize and get to know each other and establish contacts for future years.


In Nature & Youth there are many different parts, each with their own need to disseminate and receive information. Most of what you need to know is on the website, whether you want to find an old protocol, check out what's happening in the clubs or start a Nature & Youth childen group (minifältisverksamhet). If you need some more help to find what you want, Nature & Youth has an office with two employees to which members, representatives from other organizations and elected officials in Nature & Youth turn for all types of information. The office is also the storage place for the entire history of the organization, from movies and banners to protocols and directory. The office sends out a newsletter via e-mail where anyone can come up with contributions. Members who are particularly involved in the association communicate often by e-mail lists. These are split into clubs and networks. The best communication is, however, when people meet in person. Therefore, we try to encourage the members meet frequently, the activities or courses, to plan future activities and discuss how the association could change.

The magazine Fältbiologen

Our magazine reaches both active and members and support members, and is available at many libraries in Sweden. It tells a lot about the association's recent activities, interest issues, small tip to the self-help nature etc. Editors who make the newspaper work on a voluntary basis and it is amazing to see how they manage to spread Nature & Youth's issues to so many people. The fact that the newspaper is so easily available means that many students and pupils can use it as a help in school projects and to inspiration to start up activity in their locality.

Nature & youth publishing house

Since its start in 1947, Nature & Youth have written and published numerous books on nature and environment. Many of them have been used by schools and other educational institutions, which is very inspiring for us who have spent time doing the books. There are many members who need to be thanked for having spread Nature & Youth's self made knowledge among society. Our books have given us great confidence and is one of the reasons that we have been able to influence society the way we can today. Our newest book shows how to recognize forests worthy of national protection, by studying tracks of insects indicating ecologically rich environments. Our books are written in Swedish.


Would you like to know more about starting a club, participating in activities and networks, or share your opinion in a certain issue? You are always welcome to contact us. 

Nature and Youth Sweden's National Office
Adress: Fältbiologerna, Åsögatan 115, 116 24 Stockholm, Sweden
Email: info@faltbiologerna.se
Phone: +46 8 315634

Nature and Youth Sweden's National Executive
Minou Moon
ordforande [at] faltbiologerna.se
+4670 3870118



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